CurrentState™ PRODUCTS


No matter your size, industry or the sophistication of your sustainability program, there is a CurrentState™ product that can help your organization achieve better sustainability management, documentation, recognition and performance.


CurrentState™ Dashboard - From $2500 per license*

CurrentState™ Dashboard is an industry-leading sustainability reporting and tracking tool.  CurrentState™ Dashboard brings together every area of sustainability into one easy-to-use documentation, reporting and task-management platform. Contained in the dashboard are over 1400 industry best practices, materiality capture, activity documentation and robust reporting.  The Dashboard is customized to your business and can be distributed to multiple locations, keeping the entire organization on the same page.  Below are some of its most important capabilities:

  • scores your current sustainability performance of over 1400 industry Best Practices across several different business categories
  • allows you to track your organization's progress for different time periods
  • provides a platform to capture and document all your current and past sustainability activity
  • generates on-demand reporting such as scoring summaries, performance vs stakeholder expectations and materiality
  • is customized specifically for your business and your operations
  • enables unified data collection across all locations of an organization
  • lists the specific tasks your organization needs to complete

* volume discounts available

Gain unprecedented into your organizations Supply Chain with VendorCheck™.  The VendorCheck™ team will distribute and collect surveys to your organization and your supply chain.  We then prepare the following Finding Reports:

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Report (Purchasing Organization) - This report summarizes the sustainability performance in all of the business categories and provides speci c Quick Wins and recommendations to improve performance.

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Report (Vendors) - Vendors also receive the same performance report with Quick Wins and recommendations.

  • Supply Chain Performance Report (Purchasing Organization) - The report summarizes the sustainability performance of a purchasing organization’s supply chain. The report identi es the activities vendors are excelling at and the activities that are presenting he largest challenges. 

VendorCheck™ begins at $5000 for 5 vendors.  Versions for additional vendors are also available.

CurrentState™ Sustainability Reports From $750*

  • CurrentState™ Small Business Report - This report is an excellent choice for either a small company (less than 100 employees) or for a medium sized-company that is just getting started in sustainability. The Small Business report covers approximately 130 Best Practices. - $1500
  • The CurrentState™ Standard Report - This report is ideal for either small or medium sized company (fewer than 1000 employees) that have an established sustainability program. The Standard version goes beyond the basics and covers more sophisticated practices for each category. The Standard report covers approximately 680 Best Practices. - $2500
  • CurrentState™ Enterprise Report - This report is ideal for larger companies (over 1000 employees) that have an established sustainability program. The Enterprise version greatly expands the depth of Best Practices for every category.  The Enterprise report covers approximately 1200 Best Practices. - $4000
  • CurrentState™ Enterprise Plus Report - This report ideal for larger companies (over 1000 employees) that have an established sustainability program. The Enterprise Plus version includes all of the Best Practices of the Enterprise version as well as practices covered in LEED O&M, CDP SC 2014 and GRI G4.  The Enterprise Plus report covers approximately 1400 Best Practices. - $5000

* 50% discount is given for all reports for Dashboard license holders


CurrentState™ Certification - $2500 (plus travel)

CurrentState™ Certification is a validation of your CurrentState scores and performance. A sustainability consultant will conduct a 1 day site-visit to your organization.  During that time they will confirm and document critical performance criteria.  Once confirmed, you will receive a CurrentState™ Certification document which can be shared and displayed.  Certification covers the next full calendar year.


CurrentState™ Case Study - $1500

A CurrentState™ Case Study tells your sustainability story.  Our sustainability professionals will work with your organization to identify the unique sustainability stories and accomplishments CurrentState™ has helped identify.  Once your stories have come into focus, we will draft a professionally written case study.  We will then work with you until your report is exactly right.  Once completed, your Case Study will be published to the leading sustainability news and PR organizations.  The text is also ideal to use in Annual and CSR Reports.


CurrentState™ Restaurant - From $250

CurrentState™ Restaurant brings together the Sustainability Best Practices of the leading Food Service and Restaurant organizations into one, east-to-use tool. CurrentState™ Restaurant will help your establishment become more sustainable, save money, serve healthier food and have a more engaged staff.  The tools contains practices from the Sustainable Restaurant AssociationConserve - National Restaurant Association, the EPA National Pretreatment Program (FOG) and others.

2 level of service are offered.  

  • CurrentState™ Restaurant - $250 per license
  • Current™State Restaurant - On-Site Certification - $500

On-Site Certification is currently only available in selected areas:

  • Nashville, TN Metro
  • Memphis, TN Metro
  • Tulsa, OK Metro
  • Oklahoma City, OK Metro 

Consulting Support - From $120 per hour

Does your organization need some additional support?  We have a team of experienced sustainability professionals and project managers that can help.  Whether you need help completing the survey or implementing a new initiative, our professionals can deliver the support that can help you achieve your goals.


If you are not sure which version of CurrentState™ is right for your organization, contact us.  We can help you decide.